Search Area: The Pee Dee River/Rockingham, NC to Cheraw, SC Part 2: Ken and Scott’s Revenge


Alright, there is only one way to describe the Pee Dee today. Awesome! The water was at just the right level. The only real problem today was that the water was extremely cold! But we here at Searching The South don’t leave you guys hanging! We push on and brave the worst conditions imaginable! As long as it doesn’t affect my personal comfort.

Not a whole lot to report today. Took a few pics that I will be glad to share. The glare of the river really messed with the camera. I do have a few vids. Anyone who is interested in this particular run should look back at this old post. Then compare that one with this one. The first time I took this trip with Ken we had less than two feet of water if I remember correctly. What a difference a couple of more feet made!

The first time down we left the landing at Rockingham at 12:00P.M. and got to Cheraw at 12:30A.M.

This time we left at 11:00A.M. and got to Cheraw at 5:05P.M.

Today was a leisurely little paddle too. We didn’t get in a hurry. We actually got to enjoy the river.

One of our main things today was cache maintenance. We had to go back and check Low Water Challenge and YOUGOTTAWANNAHAVEIT. (If we are making this trip to do maintenance on these two this far out and putting in this much effort, please go check that micro you have hidden at the local Food Lion.)

Both caches were, amazingly, sitting pretty. Both had been underwater a couple of times over the last year but were bone dry inside. I have a new found faith in ammo cans for hiding caches in remote locations.


While I am waiting for the videos to load, if you ever have the chance to go kayaking with Ken, GO! He is a great caching and kayaking partner. We had some real teamwork today. At one point we had to get over some fallen trees and were very lucky no one went head first into the freezing water. So thanks for leading me down river Ken!




Just a pic I snapped. Don’t know why.

dsc036331Part of a childs toy floating down the river. I wish we could CITO this place. We would need a barge.

dsc03579The earlier post might tell the story on this pic. I think it may show how much more water we had today.

dsc03656Footbridge? If it’s private, it’s built like a train trestle. This is where the log jam was.

dsc03637Approach to the creek run.

dsc03661The worst part of the day. The end of the run.

The vid below is nothing huge and the first part was just a little cache maintenance. You can fast forward a bit if you like. There may be a little funny in it for ya.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. I always enjoy sharing my (mis)adventures. As always….


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 thoughts on “Search Area: The Pee Dee River/Rockingham, NC to Cheraw, SC Part 2: Ken and Scott’s Revenge

  1. I’m considering a “barge” , of sorts , for a Pee Dee River expedition. Sort of a “Mel Fisher” float !
    I’ve identified 4-5 likely areas for alluvial fan deposits, within , and just offshore of the Pee Dee , that [possibly] contain substantial gold deposits.
    I’d be needing local help to hire , A]a diver B]a younger hand, strong, fit ,smart.
    Note that I’m only in the planning stages now , but , it seems like you may be appropriate for one of these positions?
    Given the costs to start up though , I suspect that I can pay … “Nothing” !
    All pay is dependent upon the success of the “mission” ; flour gold from alluvial deposits , within and bordering the Pee Dee River !

    let me know what you think , or, tell me to buzz off ?
    – dand …

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