No Wandering This Week

Things don't always work out as planned. The wife has been sick, and I've taken on the kid drop-offs at school and most of the work around the house. Add work to that, and I've been a busy man. I'm not complaining. We do what we have to do. Today is going to be interesting. [...]

It’s A Wander

JW’s Grocery When I was q kid, I attended Mt. Pisgah School. Now then, it was an entire school—Kindergarten through 12th grade in the same building. Nowadays there a separate structure for elementary, middle school, high school. We were the Mt. Pisgah Rams collectively. All the teams carried the same mascot. Not anymore. In the [...]

Working On It

Coming back to this site has been on my mind all day. Tonight I’ve been working on some things. This won’t be a daily posting type deal. More than likely a couple of times a week to once a week. Quality over quantity? Maybe. My other site is more of a personal journal, I guess. [...]


I was listening to Richard Syrett's "The Conspiracy Show" podcast from July 7th. The podcast episode was titled Underground Military Bases and he had Mary A. Joyce (the author of several books and the lady who runs Skyships Over Cashiers site) on as a guest. She was talking about several underground military bases in the [...]