Five minutes…

It doesn’t take long to stop and enjoy what you happen to enjoy in life. It’s really only stopping for five minutes and taking in what’s around you. I don’t take my camera out of the bag enough, I’m guilty of looking straight down the road and only focusing on the destination as of late, when I should be taking time to enjoy the journey. 

There’s so much to see and I forget sometimes that I have to work for a living, I am a husband and father, and those come first. And I like my job and love my family. 

But what I do, not best and not what I enjoy most, what’s at my core and gives me peace and alone time is this:

Just searching the South. Watching the revival of this and destruction of that. I’m an observer, I keep the record so that others might see what we were and what we are to become. 

“Get off the highway.”



17554819_10211959059874897_391691172_nI’ve changed and shaken things up a bit. I’m tired of being old and fat and I know I can’t do anything about the former I can certainly change a lot of bad habits and fix the latter. I’ve changed my diet, I’m exercising every day (at least a two mile walk) and trying to basically eat healthy. This has really made a difference in appetite and sleep. At first I was pretty worn out everyday, but now I’ve grown accustomed to it. After that first mile I want more, which led to today being a 4.31 mile walk burning 405 cals and taking an hour and seventeen minutes. It was a nice day and I kept seeing another turn I could take instead of saying, “Yeah, that’s good enough.” No, I have to #KeepMoving. It’s the only way this can all come together.

There’s more to this story. We go to the mountains during the summer several times. We enjoy getting out and hiking and seeing the sights. The hikes can take a toll on a fella that isn’t in shape (pictured above) and I’m not only getting in shape, I’m building stamina for a certain hike we tried last year, Water Rock Knob.

Water Rock Knob Trail / Photo Credit: Robert Stephens

Located at 5,712 feet in elevation, Water Rock Knob is the Parkway’s highest visitor center. Known for its beautiful long-range views of several major mountain chains in the Appalachians, Water Rock Knob is uniquely suited for viewing sunrises and sunsets. The visitor center introduces the area’s rugged terrain and tremendous scenes.

(from the Wikipedias – S)

This hike wore me out last year and I am “in training”. The kids don’t have a problem making it, Mags doesn’t have a problem, I’m the one holding us back. Water Rock Knob is on a hit list and doesn’t even know it.

17500027_10211959070675167_1081702379_oBut anyway, I am actually enjoying it. I throw in my earbuds and listen to music or a favorite podcast and just walk. I get that second wind and just keep going. This is life now.

Other than that, I got to hang out with Logan this morning. Sam and Mags were both sick and at the doctor’s last week and needed the rest this morning, so we volunteered to get out of the house. Walmart for groceries, lunch and then back home. A nice morning and a lazy Sunday.


Oh yeah, I finally was able to hardwire my GPS and DashCam into the truck. I am loving just turning the key and have everything come on and not having to plug everything in EVERY TIME I get in is an awesome thing. Like I told a friend, now I now how Stark feels in the armor.

The link for the Garmin extensions used for this are here. Nicely made and I never have a lot of worry buying any products from Garmin. The price was extremely reasonable.

I told ya, this can’t be just about the strange and weird, this is going towards that and a personal blog, almost a journal. I enjoy the views, it’s fulfilling to know that someone actually reads this. I know that these types of post won’t be the most popular, sometimes it’s a hoot to see what does get views.

Thanks for reading!

The Relationship

We started seeing each other because we had similar interests. The same types of books, movies, all sorts of entertainment really. I really enjoy her company, and she is a delight to be around.

It’s her friends.

I’m the sort of guy who likes to keep things quiet and, well, private.

Not everyone gets to know me, not like she does. I don’t like that her friends pry a bit too much and we find that we share an interest here and an enthusiasm for one or two other things and then it’s double dates and we have to get together nearly every weekend.

It becomes tiresome.

But I smile and bear the unbearable, because of her. If it makes her happy, it gives me joy to see her smile.

The fancy parties are what really get me.

It’s all dressing up, what fork goes where, or talking about wine vintages and on and on, until I can’t take it.

But mostly it’s the food.

The finger sandwiches.

They always leave the bones in.


The Perils of Binge Watching

It’s not often that we step outside of our comfort zone on shows but every once in a while we will come upon something that catches our eye. 

I love science fiction. 

Time travel will get me every time. But this one is a bit different and the blurb for the show from IMDB pretty much gives that away. 


The last surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back in time to the 21st century. Inhabiting seemingly random people, the “travelers” work together to try to save the human race.


And then the fun starts. 

It a very enjoyable show. I think the pacing is right, the writing is good (although I watch too much TV and can figure the storyline and guess endings pretty quickly on a lot of shows) and the cast works well together. 

The fact that I can remember the names of the main characters and some of the secondary characters sticks with me. 

We just binge watched twelve episodes in less than a week and now the wife isn’t too happy because “what are we going to watch now?” (We just recently went through a season and a half of The Flash fairly quickly).

So if you haven’t watched Travelers, give it a go. 


Pardon our dust…

reworkI’m trying to find a theme that I like, something simple but functional. I get like this sometimes, not being able to settle, restless.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I’m in my head too much, in a butt load of pain. Pulled muscles, aching back. I think they call that old. I don’t know what the politically correct term is, but it’s called being old. Or getting older.

I need to wrap my head around a few things at work. People are people, they’ll do as they will and good enough is okay for some I suppose. Not for me.

Make a plan and stick with the plan. Carry out the plan.

Nothing is perfect but you need to try your best to make it as close to perfect as is possible. Somewhere along the way a whole generation of people weren’t taught this. They’ve become what they are because we weren’t watching. Mediocrity hasn’t just become acceptable, it’s expected. That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever written down.

I need to go and think on that.

Crisis On Infinite Pages

I don’t know where I want to write. It’s almost like an identity crisis. I don’t want to lose what is here but I need to focus and contribute my time  and energy to just on page.

And so here I am.

I don’t know what I want to write about though.

I’m kinda meh lately (depression?). Of course, maybe I’m just old and tired.

I’ve always enjoyed Searching The South. I don’t know who gets it and who doesn’t and I sorta don’t care. This is all about exploration and getting things out of my head. It doesn’t have to be a major expedition anymore.


The exploration could be right here in my little town, in the mountains or out towards the coast. It may be just an exploration out into the googles. I need to really expand what this is about and make it more personal than being something that everyone would be interested in.

I’ll find my way.

Get. Off. The. Highway.

(and out of your own head)



I’m just sitting here trying to get sleepy enough to get up at 3:30 a.m. so that I can get some work done tomorrow in time enough to pick up the kids from school.

It’s a bit harder now that I’ve gone full time. The money is better, I like the job. I am just trying to get my body used to what I guess you’d call swing shift. And it’s still a difficult thing to do after staying home for five years and pretty much making my own schedule.

Yes. This will help me sleep! This is an excellent idea!
Yes. This will help me sleep! This is an excellent idea!

So. I drudge on and listen to others complain about how they don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and how they can’t get a good nights rest. And to those folk I have to say, get. a. clue.

If you’re waking up after the sun count yourself lucky.

If you’re working a regular job 9 to 5 and have no kids, doubly so. You are living the life of Riley. My children are fantastic, don’t get me wrong. Absolutely fantastic, except when they aren’t. Then I have to love them that much more.

We all have a cross to bear, I suppose. Mine is to make some money to run this house and help raise two children the best way we know how. And we do alright (alright, alright. Those last two alrights were for you, you know who you are.)

So. Off to bed. I hope. And I’m also hoping for an hour or so of a podcast I enjoy to get me through the drive. And BOOM! Episode 19 of The Turquoise and Beef Jerky Roadshow is ready for download. And that makes me a happy camper.

Anywho, I just felt like writing a little. Just a ramble. I enjoy a good ramble. And that’s now a tag and category. So you can skip these last 328 words. Unless your into that sort of thing.



So, I’m sitting there at work doing some paperwork and an older gentleman comes up…

“Do you work here?”, he asked.

“No, sir, but what can I help you with. I’m a vendor.”

“I’ve been having trouble with my phone. It will vibrate but not ring. I don’t know what’s wrong with it.,” he says, clearly annoyed. Perhaps a little embarrassed.


I can understand this. I am somewhere in the middle of all this technology growth that we’ve had over the last few decades. I am in there where I’m old enough to have used the first Apple computers and still remember doing flow charts at school and floppy disks as big as dinner plates. (Yes, that old.) And now I sit with the power of the computers that calculated the first moonshot in my hand. People say that, but you have to have the power of the minds that made that moonshot happen, otherwise you just have a really expensive phone and bill, but that’s off track for this story.


So I check the volume first and it’s turned down. I turn that up and so as not to embarrass him further, I go into settings and have a look around and we find him a little louder, more noticeable ringtone and I ask him for his number so I can call his phone and test it out.

“It’s on the back. I can never remember my number.”

“I have dementia.”

And right there my heart sinks a little.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I say.

“It is what it is, son,” he says. “You just deal with things and make the best of life.”

I call his phone and it rings and vibrates and he smiles. Problem fixed.

“There you go, sir.”

“My name isn’t sir, it’s George,” he says, extending his hand. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Scott,” I say as I shake his hand. “Anytime, you need help on things like this and I’m here, I’ll be glad to help.”


One of the girls that works at that Walmart came to me and and thanked me for keeping one more customer off of them while they tried to get their work done. I know they have a time of it, servicing customers and getting their daily activities completed. You have to keep the shelves full.

The story doesn’t end there.

This is the third time this has happened. The second time I thought it was déjà vu. This time I could follow the story almost repeating it word for word as it happened.

I don’t think he has dementia. I’ve discussed this with my wife and she thinks the same thing I do. He may have Alzheimer’s, and I hate that. He seems like such a nice guy. The wife reminded me that he has probably locked onto me, in his mind, as someone who will help. And I guess that makes me feel good, but I still hate it for George. I hope that I don’t leave this world not knowing where and who I am. But who knows?

Be kind to each person you meet.

One day, hopefully, you will be on the receiving end of that kindness.

The name has been changed to protect George. But I had to write this down. It has been eating at me to get out and now it has. – S


it wasn’t that they were so big or even their black soulless eyes. 

It wasn’t the pellets (although they were as big as what a good sized horse might leave behind). 

It wasn’t even the flapping of their ears or the thumping of their gigantic feet. 

I was out of giant carrots. 

And they were looking at me.