Searching The South

This blog is about just that. I’ve been all over since beginning this blog, exploring. I love to find places that have been forgotten. I love photography and occasionally I’ll capture something that I feel is worthy of sharing. This is also my personal day to day journal I suppose. It’s what I do or feel has to be done. Things sometimes need to come out and here is where that happens for me. When it needs to be written it will come out.

And so, as I like to say and haven’t been able to in a long time in the proper place…




5 thoughts on “About

  1. Scott like I said before- you’re a great writer and a wonderful storyteller. I’m glad you’ve widened your ‘topic’ list and started this blog.

    I look forward to visiting it more


  2. ha the video on springs park was pretty good we went down there last night about 12 oclock we walked around for a hour or so cant believe you were scared in the middle of the day dang we went in the middle of the night and werent scared but thats us i guess were kinda crazy like that so do you have any more pictures of when the park was open or the layout of it? later eric

    1. Well the operative word in that is WE. Be careful when you’re out in places like this. Wildlife and such. Look up I Remember Springs Park on Facebook.

  3. My brother had a few birthday parties at Springs Park. My uncle has some video(VHS) of the pool the last time it was used, I believe. There was a way you could walk under/beside the pool and there was a window that was under the water. My Paw-Paw was a guard there when it was open to the public. I can ask about the video, if you want. Just email me an let me know.

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