The Middle Of The Road

I think I may have misspoke in an earlier post and story. I think that I’ve found another part of the old highway that was once the road that crosses Crybaby Creek Bridge. I’ll keep searching but for now one or two pics will have to suffice. This bridge is on Beaver Dam Rd. near Pageland, SC. The far end of the bridge is dated 1923 just like the CBC bridge. Graffitti is marring an otherwise beautiful piece of historic architecture. My view anyway.




I was out today working when I had to make a detour and while driving down this road I noticed that it had the same wide double yellow line. I was surprised to come around a curve and see this old beauty. I walked out onto the bridge to take a look and see if a kayak trip under the bridge was possible. Another surprise came when I leaned on the rail of the bridge and it moved a full six inches. I thought I had taken a fall there for a second, easily sixty feet to the river rocks below. Like they say, they don’t make ’em like this anymore.

More about this one when I can get under it.

Keep in mind that this particular bridge is still in use as a regular everyday part of the road! Careful if you go out to play in the traffic.


Get off the highway!

3 thoughts on “The Middle Of The Road

  1. Wow i did not know there was another bridge either. Been to the crybaby bridge several times over near forty acre rock…I have several photos myself.

  2. You really have to keep your ears wide open when you are out exploring on the road!

    I sure hate to see how this bridge has gotten no love over the years. That piece of the railing on the riverbank is just a shame.

  3. My Dad’s side of the family is from the Taxahaw/Charlesboro area and remember hearing about it. I was always told that many years ago, 1930’s or 40’s, a young woman and her baby had a fatal crash off the bridge. They say at dusk you will hear a crying baby, so that’s where the name “cry-baby bridge” originated.

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