Pardon our dust…

reworkI’m trying to find a theme that I like, something simple but functional. I get like this sometimes, not being able to settle, restless.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I’m in my head too much, in a butt load of pain. Pulled muscles, aching back. I think they call that old. I don’t know what the politically correct term is, but it’s called being old. Or getting older.

I need to wrap my head around a few things at work. People are people, they’ll do as they will and good enough is okay for some I suppose. Not for me.

Make a plan and stick with the plan. Carry out the plan.

Nothing is perfect but you need to try your best to make it as close to perfect as is possible. Somewhere along the way a whole generation of people weren’t taught this. They’ve become what they are because we weren’t watching. Mediocrity hasn’t just become acceptable, it’s expected. That’s one of the saddest things I’ve ever written down.

I need to go and think on that.