Five minutes…

It doesn’t take long to stop and enjoy what you happen to enjoy in life. It’s really only stopping for five minutes and taking in what’s around you. I don’t take my camera out of the bag enough, I’m guilty of looking straight down the road and only focusing on the destination as of late, when I should be taking time to enjoy the journey. 

There’s so much to see and I forget sometimes that I have to work for a living, I am a husband and father, and those come first. And I like my job and love my family. 

But what I do, not best and not what I enjoy most, what’s at my core and gives me peace and alone time is this:

Just searching the South. Watching the revival of this and destruction of that. I’m an observer, I keep the record so that others might see what we were and what we are to become. 

“Get off the highway.”

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