17554819_10211959059874897_391691172_nI’ve changed and shaken things up a bit. I’m tired of being old and fat and I know I can’t do anything about the former I can certainly change a lot of bad habits and fix the latter. I’ve changed my diet, I’m exercising every day (at least a two mile walk) and trying to basically eat healthy. This has really made a difference in appetite and sleep. At first I was pretty worn out everyday, but now I’ve grown accustomed to it. After that first mile I want more, which led to today being a 4.31 mile walk burning 405 cals and taking an hour and seventeen minutes. It was a nice day and I kept seeing another turn I could take instead of saying, “Yeah, that’s good enough.” No, I have to #KeepMoving. It’s the only way this can all come together.

There’s more to this story. We go to the mountains during the summer several times. We enjoy getting out and hiking and seeing the sights. The hikes can take a toll on a fella that isn’t in shape (pictured above) and I’m not only getting in shape, I’m building stamina for a certain hike we tried last year, Water Rock Knob.

Water Rock Knob Trail / Photo Credit: Robert Stephens

Located at 5,712 feet in elevation, Water Rock Knob is the Parkway’s highest visitor center. Known for its beautiful long-range views of several major mountain chains in the Appalachians, Water Rock Knob is uniquely suited for viewing sunrises and sunsets. The visitor center introduces the area’s rugged terrain and tremendous scenes.

(from the Wikipedias – S)

This hike wore me out last year and I am “in training”. The kids don’t have a problem making it, Mags doesn’t have a problem, I’m the one holding us back. Water Rock Knob is on a hit list and doesn’t even know it.

17500027_10211959070675167_1081702379_oBut anyway, I am actually enjoying it. I throw in my earbuds and listen to music or a favorite podcast and just walk. I get that second wind and just keep going. This is life now.

Other than that, I got to hang out with Logan this morning. Sam and Mags were both sick and at the doctor’s last week and needed the rest this morning, so we volunteered to get out of the house. Walmart for groceries, lunch and then back home. A nice morning and a lazy Sunday.


Oh yeah, I finally was able to hardwire my GPS and DashCam into the truck. I am loving just turning the key and have everything come on and not having to plug everything in EVERY TIME I get in is an awesome thing. Like I told a friend, now I now how Stark feels in the armor.

The link for the Garmin extensions used for this are here. Nicely made and I never have a lot of worry buying any products from Garmin. The price was extremely reasonable.

I told ya, this can’t be just about the strange and weird, this is going towards that and a personal blog, almost a journal. I enjoy the views, it’s fulfilling to know that someone actually reads this. I know that these types of post won’t be the most popular, sometimes it’s a hoot to see what does get views.

Thanks for reading!

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