The Relationship

We started seeing each other because we had similar interests. The same types of books, movies, all sorts of entertainment really. I really enjoy her company, and she is a delight to be around.

It’s her friends.

I’m the sort of guy who likes to keep things quiet and, well, private.

Not everyone gets to know me, not like she does. I don’t like that her friends pry a bit too much and we find that we share an interest here and an enthusiasm for one or two other things and then it’s double dates and we have to get together nearly every weekend.

It becomes tiresome.

But I smile and bear the unbearable, because of her. If it makes her happy, it gives me joy to see her smile.

The fancy parties are what really get me.

It’s all dressing up, what fork goes where, or talking about wine vintages and on and on, until I can’t take it.

But mostly it’s the food.

The finger sandwiches.

They always leave the bones in.


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