The Perils of Binge Watching

It’s not often that we step outside of our comfort zone on shows but every once in a while we will come upon something that catches our eye. 

I love science fiction. 

Time travel will get me every time. But this one is a bit different and the blurb for the show from IMDB pretty much gives that away. 


The last surviving humans discover how to send consciousness back in time to the 21st century. Inhabiting seemingly random people, the “travelers” work together to try to save the human race.


And then the fun starts. 

It a very enjoyable show. I think the pacing is right, the writing is good (although I watch too much TV and can figure the storyline and guess endings pretty quickly on a lot of shows) and the cast works well together. 

The fact that I can remember the names of the main characters and some of the secondary characters sticks with me. 

We just binge watched twelve episodes in less than a week and now the wife isn’t too happy because “what are we going to watch now?” (We just recently went through a season and a half of The Flash fairly quickly).

So if you haven’t watched Travelers, give it a go. 


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