Crisis On Infinite Pages

I don’t know where I want to write. It’s almost like an identity crisis. I don’t want to lose what is here but I need to focus and contribute my time  and energy to just on page.

And so here I am.

I don’t know what I want to write about though.

I’m kinda meh lately (depression?). Of course, maybe I’m just old and tired.

I’ve always enjoyed Searching The South. I don’t know who gets it and who doesn’t and I sorta don’t care. This is all about exploration and getting things out of my head. It doesn’t have to be a major expedition anymore.


The exploration could be right here in my little town, in the mountains or out towards the coast. It may be just an exploration out into the googles. I need to really expand what this is about and make it more personal than being something that everyone would be interested in.

I’ll find my way.

Get. Off. The. Highway.

(and out of your own head)


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