A Most Memorable Towel Day

I had to go to Urgent Care this morning. It seems that I had an abscess in a sensitive area  (yes, that’s a nice way to put it) and it had to be taken care of. Abscesses can form when a hair root becomes infected and develops into a small abscess. This is what happened to me, and I was getting to the point where I couldn’t walk. I am as stubborn as any other male on the planet, I was going to wait until Tuesday when the doctors office was open in town and take care of it then. I’m glad I didn’t.

ImageSome serious stuff was about to go down…

The physicians assistant came in and said his hellos. He’s a really nice fella (and he has warm hands) and was extremely  knowledgeable. Politeness and knowing the job are two things I look for in my medical personnel, the warm hands were a bonus. He did his assessment of the situation and went about describing what had to be done and told me that if I had waited until Tuesday that he would have sent me to the hospital. Out of all that I heard the words numb, cut, and hospital.


“You’re going to feel a pinch and then a little sting.” –  T. Hill, PA

Let’s speak for a moment about the meaning of words and the way you use them. Some words don’t even exist, yet people insist on using them. Irregardless is one such word. It’s ask not axe. Supposedly it’s supposably, but it isn’t. (h/t Matthew Cox) Pinch is a word that most anyone can use and most times use it correctly. So the reason I brought you here is a little sting.

Yellow jackets have a little sting. That little sting can cause a huge problem for someone like me who is allergic to their sting. Hornets have a little stinger but hit like a softball being thrown straight at you at short range. The little sting that T. Hill, PA was describing was a nice way to put the fact that my lower half was about to be subjected to ritual torture.

I saw fire, I saw stars, I saw the Monolith from 2001. I saw the back of my own skull from the inside and for a moment I was one with all things and understood the answer 42. That’s right. I found the question. I just as quickly forgot it.

That, for me, was my little sting. The whole “how much pain are you in on a level from one to ten?” question is one of the most out of whack things asked by medical professionals. My ten may be your five, and vice versa. Today was a twenty. It felt like what a buddy of mine in the army described when he was trying to verbalize what being shot felt like. I’ve been shot at, never hit. I am glad not to be in that club that requires the former qualification after today.

But I have been through worse pain.

So here I sit, gingerly. I never once have had the opportunity to use the word gingerly when describing myself. To all things a season and for all things a reason, I suppose.

I have some lovely relief in the form of narcotics sitting here on my desk. I don’t like pain pills. I don’t like feeling out of control of my actions the least little bit. Today, I will accept the feeling gladly.

The packing comes out Tuesday. This feels like a death sentence. Maybe, just maybe I will hit a thirty. While it’s a record on the pain scale, I don’t look forward to it.

My wife is a Physical Therapy Assistant. She also happens to be certified in wound care. She volunteered to “take care of that” with a smile.

It was the gleam in her eye that worries me.


This was my Towel Day and I have to say that I have had better. Tonight and tomorrow, as I do every year, I will reread the first book, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I suppose it’s a Geek thing. But that’s where I’ll be, sipping on a jar of morphine.

I’ve decided that just exploring and posting photos I’ve taken won’t do anymore. To at least post once a week I am going to have to put a little more of me into my writings on here. I hope that this wasn’t TMI. – Seegars

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