Yesterday marked nineteen years we’ve been together as a couple. Mags has stood with me through every bit. I know I’m a trial. But here we are. I didn’t think about it until now but I’m a lot like this old house in the picture, I’ve taken a lot of work to be decent enough to invite people over to.

I love this old house. It’s a shade of its former glory and I imagine, back a long time ago, that it occupied a block rather than the postage stamp it sits on now. It needs paint, probably a new roof, it has missing panes in the windows.

Again, a lot like me.

The thing that draws me most is that top porch. I would love to walk out there and sit on a big old couch or rocking chair and watch the traffic go by while I read a book or write. It’s the one thing on this house that might make it worth it to me to buy it. But we all know that older homes like this can turn into a money pit.

Again, a lot like me.

I probably could never afford a Southern mansion like this. To tell the truth unless I got it for a song I would never allow myself to buy it. Also, I don’t sing that well.

So here’s to nineteen more years. I hope they’re not as rough as some of our first nineteen have been, but I’m sticking around to see how the story ends.

Get off the highway!

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