Being One

First off, I am a Christian. Full on, dyed in the wool, Southern Baptist. I am that.

I have been lucky enough to travel and……see things. (?) The question mark is not only for the seeing of things, because I have experienced those same things. It’s also there for the lucky part. Was I that lucky? Maybe if I stayed home and never left here I wouldn’t have become what I am.

So what am I?

A husband. Yep! Married. A Father. Yep! My children rest their little heads a couple of yards away as I write this. A SAHD. An avid reader. A T.V. watcher. A PEOPLE watcher! An adventurer. A game player. A member of my local church. A friend. An enemy. A soldier. A fighter. A giver. A taker.

All those things and so much more. Right here in a package of flesh, blood, bones, and soul. Yes, I still have one. Although it has never belonged to me.

The being one part? I am a big fan of the show Life. It’s a great show. A police drama and I think comedy because of Damian Lewis who plays the main character. The main character is one of the best I’ve taken interest in in a very long time.

He follows/tries to follow the path of Zen. Back to the first of all. I am a Christian and a Southern Baptist. I do not follow Bhuddism. But the path of Zen is an interesting concept. (No offence to anyone reading this who follows that path, it’s just not mine.)

At the end of “Life”,  series finale, there was a saying. One plus one equals one.

Think about that for a moment. Really let it sink in. It stayed on my mind for days.

If we go with our elementary mathematics then no. One plus one equals two. No ifs, ands, or buts.

But go deeper. I was one. I met my wife. We were two who became one. A family. One plus one equals one.

Then we had our daughter. One plus one plus one equals one. Still the same answer to a different question but not the same and a different answer. Does that make sense? Because another form of this simple equation would be one plus one plus one equals one, again. Me+My Wife=My Daughter. BUT! Me+My Wife+My Daughter=Our Family. Which changes the question to the Me+My Wife=Family problem. Throw in our son and you have Me+My Wife=My Son, but again we come back to one. And we still bring in all the different sides of this equation and come back to One.

Is this Zen? For some reason contemplating this has kept me sharp and focused for the last few years. I haven’t been so frowny either. A good thing.

What is your one?

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