Guerilla Photography

I left the house today to go out and scout for some caching spots, grab some lunch by myself (a luxury), grab some groceries, and to take a few pics.

I love getting out by myself. It hardly ever happens that I am alone anymore as a stay at home Dad. Mags usually makes sure that I have Saturday off but the last few weeks have either been sick kids or weather that has kept me from really going anywhere.

Today was perfect. Nice weather, the lines were short, I found some excellent cache spots and I had a good time.

The last of it nearly killed me. Let’s call this guerilla photography.

There is a section of the railroad coming out of town that is nearly deserted. There are a few houses, mostly deserted, but here is where they put the empty cars from the soy bean plant here in town to ready them for their trip back to Lancaster. End of the no line.

I thought to myself that a picture on top of the cars would be excellent. So I parked the car as close as possible and climbed the embankment. It was easy enough to climb on top of the cars and there I was.

Rarely can I look at a scene and look though my viewfinder and see exactly the picture I want to take. A thing of beauty as I am sure a lot of photographers bot amateur and professional can agree.

The problem was that they weren’t done with the train. It was hooked up and took a horrible lurch forward! I took a horrible lurch backward, perched on the very edge of the last car. Quite a fall and luckily very soft brush nearby to land in. I’ll probably have a few bruises, but I’ll be back.

I want that shot.

Get off the highway!

I’m back!

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