Started out this morning…

…with the yard crew showing up early. They didn’t wake me. We had a meeting planned in Rock Hill for Geocoinfest and I had to get on the road. It’s my day off from being a stay at home Dad. Started out at 8:00 a.m.

The whole plan today was to go to Rock Hill, do the meeting, wrap up Geocoinfest planning, and head back home. I rarely get out alone anymore. Needless to say, end result of rain on and off all day. It’s not so much the caching for me anymore, it’s what happens in between. And that’s why I do this. It’s great for the mind to write about what has happened no matter how mundane.

I went after a cache inbetween Rock Hill and Lancaster, SC. A local cacher in our group put out a series of five and I just need the last one for the full set. Either it is missing or I’m not as good a cacher as I thought I was. DNF, that turned into a find of another kind.

I usually sign off on this blog with “Get off the highway.” The reason for that as most of you probably know is that there is rarely anything worth looking at between exit ramps. I know there is the rare exception, but that’s the chance you take on the road.

The DNF turned into this…

Somewhere outside of Rock Hill, SC is this. This is a thing. This just happened, when I came around a curve in the road. I passed by the first time with full intention of coming back to check this out. I went out loaded for bear as it were today with the big camera.

Near as I can figure it is an airboat. A cleverly made airboat. I may have to go back by and talk to the owner and see what’s up and perhaps I can swing the chance to see it actually running. Which would probably be quite a sight.

You never know what you’re going to find.

So, get off the highway!






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