A Night Run

I spent most of the night last night caching. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then geocaching is…are you back yet? We’ve been waiting for you. Ready?

I spent the evening/morning with two friends, Blaze132 and -Hitman-. Both in a race against each other to make it to a thousand finds. I’m past that magical number but I enjoy watching others find caches as much as I enjoy finding most of the time. Last night was one of those times.

I am sorry to write this but c:geo freaked out on me last night. I don’t know if it was the side loaded PQ, but it constantly showed me caches as unfound that I had previously found. My find count really took a hit this morning when I realized the error. Not a big thing, but a disappointment and something I will drop a line or two about to the guys that are doing the app now. BTW, I was running this on Droid X/Gingerbread. I had figured that I’d made some mistake in my logs and hadn’t logged these previously. The live map was also showing these same caches however the caches nearby feature was holding correct. I suspect that the PQ I loaded that came from someone else affected the program somehow. Not in a virusy sort of way, but with conflicting information. Perhaps I just needed to delete the caches that I’d already found previously. Progress. What a…well you know.

Second, it was a pure numbers run. That was until -Hitman- texted us that he was in the area and wanted to get together and cache. I’m not saying that because he slowed us down, no, it was what he brought to the party last night.

When we decided that we were all going to get together me and Blaze132 decided that we would get a little bite to eat. We were right by the Olive Garden and they have the whole soup and salad thing, so why not? (BTW, thanks for the birthday supper B! G28 never takes me any place nice like that!)

Anyway -Hitman- shows up and pulls a TB from his pocket, TB29YZ2. You can look it up but this is the Key to Cache Me If You Can travel bug. And that’s what it is, a key to a cache here in Mecklenburg County, NC. We were very fortunate in having this just dropped in our lap. Plans changed, we continued the numbers run but in the direction of the aforementioned cache. Full moon, a short hike in the woods, stealth. Need I say more? This was an excellent concept for a cache and TB. One I think will be stolen and used down here.

This is what I love about caching. Things can change so quickly. I have been underground, at lamp posts, various parking lots, miles out in the woods, over Class III-IV in a boat that is rated no class, hung from my rappelling gear and YES I have found the elusive Ark Of The Covenant (or a resonable facsimle) all in the pursuit of cold hard cache. And I have loved every single moment of it. This is my mid life crisis. No fancy sports car or hot babe here. (I already have the hot babe! Nice save Scott! Thanks Scott!) Geocaching means so much to me. I wish it had been around YEARS ago.

One of the most important things about caching is that I have a whole new set of friends. We’re kinda like a messed up version of the A-Team. Hitman goes in and starts trouble, Blaze can put out the fires, I can arrange our schedule and make sure everyone is in bed on time (stay at home Dad) Watuckey can manage something and then G28 can come in and referee if a game of kickball spontaneously breaks out. We all come from different walks of life. Different age ranges, likes and dislikes. For some reason we work as a team. I call us the B-Team although I think O for Omega might work better.

Lastly, I would like to talk about politeness in geocaching. I had received today in my email a log from a finder that was just downright rude. If you don’t like a cache, TFTC is always, ALWAYS a good log for one. Why start the trouble. This particular finder had been going by the favorites option from GC.com which is all well and good. But it just goes to prove the point. One mans junk is another mans treasure and honey will draw more flies than vinegar. Besides if your out for really great caches, their out there in the woods, not along the side of the road in a parking lot or behind a building under a power box. Sorry that’s my rant for today and uh….


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