First caches of the new year……


I had hoped to go for a really BIG cache for New Years Day but as things worked out I had to do a little business this morning. I am going to say that I settled for doing four caches in Pageland and then I am going to apologize for using the word settle. I say that because we have a new cacher PinkKiwi in Pageland who surprised me. You know if you have been caching awhile it is easy to get jaded and think you know what you are going to find while caching. I assumed that PinkKiwi was going to make the same mistakes and less than desirable hides that most noobs do. I was wrong and had a short but great time caching through Pageland. I guess I don’t know everything!

If today is what the rest of my caching year is going to bring, then bring it on!

January 1 by Freekacher (778 found)
My first cache of the new year. I had to go to Cheraw and take care of some business today (I know!) So I gave up any hope of getting a really good cache. I was wrong. This was the first of four from a relatively new cacher and she knows what she’s doing with her cache placements. Coords were dead on and this one was just challenging enough for the first one of the day. TFTC

January 1 by Freekacher (778 found)
Second of the day out of four. If it weren’t for geocaching I would have never….well you know the rest. Very nice park that I drive by all the time and never take notice of, until today. It’s nice to find a regular in an urban environment. Took nothing, left sig card.

January 1 by Freekacher (778 found)
Third of the day out of four. Again, nice to find a regular in an urban environment. I passed several spots where you could have just placed a magnetic nano or key holder, but that wasn’t going to be good enough for you and I am glad you feel that way. TNSL. Nicely placed.

January 1 by Freekacher (778 found)
Fourth and last of four for today. Thanks for another great one. I had fun finding your caches and look forward to your future hides (and maybe some free chicken? ) Stopping in Pageland and hunting these four caches was really worth it and gives some of us that have been caching awhile some hope that the newer cachers will hide something worth looking for. Keep it up!


And that was only 40 minutes out of my day. Thanks for that time with just me and the GPS and don’t forget the ice cold wind. Could it have BEEN colder this morning? Later, oh and GET OFF THE HIGHWAY!

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