So much to do….

so little time!

Hi guys! Sorry I have been gone so long. Busy with work, family, friends. All that is about to change. I am about to gain ten hours a week. How is he going to do it?!?!? Has he become a master of time and space? Did he get that flux capacitor replica he bought from ThinkGeek (maybe they will send me a gift card for plugging them, you never know!) to actually work. Well, so as not to publicize my business, you will see later.

It’s a change in season here as it is everywhere, so I took the camera out to the woods this afternoon and took a walk. Since I haven’t posted in awhile, I am taking it slow getting back into it. Not to worry though! I will be back with a vengance!

There are so many interesting things in the woods to photograph. I ran off over a hundred shots in under an hour. I can stand by a stream and watch it run for the longest time. (I know, easily amused!)

So anyway that was my afternoon in a nutshell. This time instead of get off the highway, grab the camera and get into the woods! Later!

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