Search Area: St. Davids Church Cheraw, SC

GPS COORDINATES: N 34° 41.758 W 079° 52.793


One half? You ask yourself what happened here. Was there a terrible accident involving a train? An auto accident? Maybe a farming accident? No. Sometimes the truth is just better. I received this bit today from Sarah  Spruill with Visit Cheraw.

I am pleased that Mr. Prince would have gotten a kick out of my placing a piece about him here. A shame to have never met him.

Thank you Sarah.

“Someone sent me your link re Laurence Prince. He grew up in Cheraw, but his mother was from Virginia. He was cremated and half of his ashes were buried in his father’s family plot and half in Virginia with his mother’s family. He would enjoy that this has gotten on the internet. Old St. David’s is a very beautiful church and cemetery. The oldest graves date back to the Revolutionary War, and the first Confederate Monument (c. 1867) ever erected is located here.”

Wait! The first Confederate Monument ever erected?!?!

I think I know where I am going….you do to!

Get off the highway!


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