You can show a kindness in the strangest ways……….

The Rocking Chair

It was just sitting there in amongst the other stuff that was ready to be thrown away.

I always go by the “you never know if you don’t ask” philosophy.

So I ask and see the sparkle in this lady’s eyes as she tells me about it.

This was the rocking chair that she had as a child.

Her daughter used it as well. Actually she rocked the springs out of it.

So now that it has out lived it’s usefulness it is time to let go of a favorite childhood object.

You say that I can have it, and tell me about the busted springs.

The stain is worn on it and of course it is covered in spider webs.

I am already  envisioning the response that I will receive several hours from our meeting.

We finish our business and I put this little chair in the car.

I go about the rest of my day and don’t think much about it until I get ready to head home.

I forgot all about the chair and had to go back to work to get it. Then I head over and find the right springs for it, a three store search.

When I get home I take it and clean it and fix the springs. The cat watches while I work on it, enthralled with my every movement. He somehow knows that this is something for his master and does not interrupt me.

Another hour and she comes through the house like a hurricane yelling “Daddy, Daddy! Where are y……? HUH?!?!? Just what I wanted!”

Here little face is beaming and although you don’t know it, for a little while you have made me the hero of the day.

I figure one day this moment will be forgotten. Maybe you will come across this and know that this was yours.

Thank you…

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