Search Area: Bethune, SC / Local Restaurant

I wanted to see a couple of caching buddies of mine Saturday. One I hadn’t seen in awhile and thought that it doesn’t always have to be about geocaching so why not have a little breakfast and catch up. We also got the chance to talk about a little caching venture next weekend.

On the way I drive by a spot that I bet I have driven by a hundred times over the years and just really never noticed.

Welcome to:

The food wasn’t what stopped me. Like I said, I was on my way to eat with Wally and Ken. It’s the exterior that caught my eye.

No Parkink Anytime/2 Hour Parking

If you are reading this and are from up north I don’t know if you ever had the chance to run across any of these Mt. Dew advertisments.

There used to be one painted on a full wall on the side of the Small’s Grocery here in Kershaw before it was torn down. I remember it very clearly. (Wish I could find a pic!)

What really drew me to this one was the horses shown above. Wierd? Maybe to some. Definitely eccentric. I can’t go back this coming weekend because of a caching trip. But you I might just mosey on down to Bethune the next weekend and see what Rosa’s got cookin………

Remember to get off the highway,


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