Here we go…..

I used to keep up a page about Strange Carolina Tales, perhaps you’ve heard of it. I love the weird little tales that come up all around the backwoods and off the highway. As a matter of fact I am a great believer of getting off the highway and actually seeing what the side road has to offer. So I decided to start over again. Strange Carolina Tales was just to confining. I wanted to do a page that can take me anywhere because I usually end up on road trips with a friend of mine just this side of anywhere and usually in the middle of nowhere.

By the way, my name is Scott. I work for a family owned pest control business in North Carolina. I claim South Carolina as home and was born and raised here. I have always had a HUGE interest in the paranormal/supernatural and will go for just about any ghost story I can find. There are a lot out there.

The friend I spoke of earlier in this writing is Richard. We both geocache and get to visit some fairly strange places as it is already. One of those places was Booger Hollar Bridge last weekend, but that’s a tale for another time. I found that richard had a real taste for “the hunt” after that little adventure.

So I have the urge to bring you these stories. I have the equipment to bring you these stories. Now all I need is you to read, watch and enjoy!

The Equipment:

A good cacher always has some good equipment. Doin something like this page takes a little more.

  • Video: JVC: HDD: Everio 30 Gig.
  • Still Camera: Sony Cyber-shot: 4.1 megapixels.
  • Still Camera: Sony DSC-F707 (This thing is ancient by todays standards, but it is a great camera.)
  • GPS: Garmin GPSMap 60CS (Can’t go wrong with Garmin!)
  • MagLite: Rechargeable.
  • And the vehicle: A 1990 Ford Ranger. (I know, I know. But you have to be a true FORD MAN to appreciate a Ranger.)

So there you go. I am out here. If you have any suggestions on stories you would like to see here, we are always waiting on a chance for  a roadtrip. First story for this site will be up soon. Also, don’t be dissapointed to see a few re-writes of former SCTales stories. Some of those I just can’t let go.



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